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Joy Collision & Jake Grand!

Joy is here and she got a smashing hardcore treat for you. Watching this beautiful tgirl getting fucked by jake Grand is enough to make anyone cum today and you're going to LOVE it!

13th Apr 2023

28:38 HD Video
& 150 Photos

    Rating: 4.86

Jessica Kate Arrives!

She's featured across some of our other sites, but we thought it time to put this sexy little star here. 25 years old, from Spain we've seen her in solos and hardcores on Tgirls.XXX. She's super cute, with a sweet body and an awesome ass - and a cock that she loves having played with. Watch Jessica strip and show everything while getting more excited knowing how many people are watching and playing with themselves.

12th Apr 2023

15:16 HD Video
& 119 Photos

    Rating: 4.56

Nicky, Pretty In Pink!

Nicky DaBratz's second set and she's wearing some sexy pink/fuchsia outfits together with her pink lips, blushed cheeks, and pale, pristine skin. Some gorgeous perky boobs with swollen, pink nipples and a pretty pink uncircumcised cock, with the shiny, slick head getting brighter and bigger as she gets more turned on during the shoot. And of course, stockings and garter belt just makes any shoot, that much better. A fabulous new model whom we're looking forward to a lot more of.

11th Apr 2023

18:27 HD Video
& 118 Photos

    Rating: 4.88

Natalie Mars Creampied!

The one and only Natalie Mars is back on TGirl Pornstar stage! She returns in a smashing HC exclusive and she's ready to get that sexy ass of hers fucked hard by a big cock! Joined by Chris Epic, Natalie gives him an amazing blowjob before she lets him fuck her tight hole HARD! At the, end Epic gives Natalie a nice messy creampie! Enjoy watching them fucking hard in this week's hardcore brought to you by Buddy Wood!

10th Apr 2023

25:50 HD Video
& 191 Photos

    Rating: 4.71

Giovanna & Dante!

Round 2 about this pairing with both players so horny and dedicated to offering us a very exciting hardcore. You guys will just love the performances with awesome cum shots!

9th Apr 2023

26:58 HD Video
& 162 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Eva Borisova's Orgasm!

Eva is always a horny girl, so when she comes to a photo shoot, where she's posing in front of a camera and her exhibitionism turns her on, imagining horny men jacking off over her pictures she gets even hornier. Then edging herself, staying hard during the shoot, as her cock gets harder, and her needs surge through her body - it feels like she is ready to explode. Finally, she's able to release, to orgasm and enjoy the sensations running through her body ... and then she's ready to go again.

7th Apr 2023

17:21 HD Video
& 116 Photos

    Rating: 4.75

The Softer Side of Valkyria Domina!

This is a softer look to Valkyria, with her long dark hair down and resting over her gorgeous breasts, her stockinged legs, long and lean and leading up to her baby-smooth balls, cock, and asshole. Valkyria loves her ass being penetrated, and it's guaranteed to get her hard - a thick dildo between her cheeks and deep into her hole, and playing with her uncut cock, is the way she goes to get off.

6th Apr 2023

17:14 HD Video
& 116 Photos

    Rating: 4.83

Jasmine Wong's Houseboy!

Wealthy and successful CEO Jasmine Wong doesn't have time for relationships but still needs someone to take care of the house, walk the poodles, wash the car, and service her sexual needs. That's why she has a houseboy. Chris Cobalt is there to serve Jasmine's every need, and at the end of a busy day at the corporate offices, she needs to unwind - and Chris massages her feet and legs, helps her undress and gives her the attention she needs. His big cock is always erect and ready to please, his talented tongue never tires - and it's a perfect relationship.

5th Apr 2023

24:46 HD Video
& 155 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

The Seven Year Itch!

It's been seven years since Nikki Kittens debuted on this site, and I believe this is still the only place to see her. Great natural looks, a lovely body, sweet face and just a very very sexy individual, this 26 year old Quebecer is someone who loves to show off - a true exhibitionist - and she knows just how to use that camera to get any viewers tuned in, turned on and getting off. Welcome back Nikki Kittens.

4th Apr 2023

19:21 HD Video
& 125 Photos

    Rating: 4.33

Lianna's Amazing Hardcore Comeback!

The amazing Lianna Lawson returns on TGirl Pornstar with a smashing hardcore exclusive produced by Radius Dark and co-starring Will Havoc! You already know this is going to be smoking hot! We just can't wait to see Lianna getting her sexy ass fucked hard again! We are sure you're going to love this electric scene with Lianna and Will kissing and trading blow jobs with a lot of hardcore fucking and dirty talk between the two! Lianna LOVED taking it long and deep!

3rd Apr 2023

31:45 HD Video
& 162 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

Sienna Vienna & Will Havoc!

Guess who's back! We brought Sienna Vienna back to you today... in yet another hot HC exclusive produced by Radius Dark and co-starring Will Havoc! We just can't wait to see this cutie getting her tight ass fucked hard again! Watch her enjoying some nice ass pounding until she gets cum all over her pretty face!

2nd Apr 2023

25:59 HD Video
& 140 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Getting Cozy With Tina!

Tina returns and she's in the comfort zone and hibernating from this long cold winter. She awakens from her slumber, and is looking for cuddles from you ... and then maybe a slow gentle 'good morning' fuck? This hot older woman loves sex and she's always ready to go. Big cock, nice tits and a unstatiable appetite for men. Come and snuggle up - and then kiss and fuck, with Tina.

31st Mar 2023

17:17 HD Video
& 113 Photos

    Rating: 4.50

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Plundering Evie's Ass!

When Evie Nix was invited along to be the shipmate on Captain Aaron's boat she knew she was in for some ass plundering. Far from the high seas, Aaron's long, straight boat, needs to slowly go through the tight canal, as it continues its journey inland ... and Evie adores how Aaron steers it in exactly the right direction and gives her canal orgasm after canal orgasm. A super good scene from Kalin as these two have a lot of chemistry and clearly love to enjoy each other's bodies.

30th Mar 2023

24:40 HD Video
& 136 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Evie Eliot Still Loves Anal!

I see so many models, who once they get the corrective surgery feel like they shouldn't be using their ass any more. Pith and tosh! If it feels good, and you've got the holes, then use them! Evie has never been afraid of showing what she enjoys and after playing with her smooth vagina, getting herself worked up, she pulls out a thick dildo and loves the feel of it penetrating her anus. Another great shoot of this super sexy model.

29th Mar 2023

15:44 HD Video
& 118 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Introducing Nicky DaBratz!

Wow, what a debut from this starlet in the making. Nicky is brand new on the scene, and I think she's someone we should be seeing a whole lot more of in the future. She is young, very pretty, confident, know's what clothes really suit her, and appears to love showing off her nubile body, budding breasts, pristine skin, long legs, and big cock which has no problem getting and staying up. She really has a super pretty face (reminiscent of a young Kiera Knightly) and I for one, am very excited to see more work from her.

28th Mar 2023

17:46 HD Video
& 118 Photos

    Rating: 4.79

Nyxi Leon & Eva Joi!

We have something smoking hot for you this week on TGirl Pornstar! Two amazing hotties, Eva Joi and Nyxi Leon, meet in this week's girl on girl exclusive produced by Omar Wax! The girls are horny as hell and they just can't wait for the action to start! Watch Nyxi fucking Eva's tight ass as they both enjoy every moment of it all until Nyxi cums all over Eva's pretty face!

27th Mar 2023

18:43 HD Video
& 186 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Barbara Perez & Leticia Rodrigues!

What can we say about this earthquake pairing? Two super daring models in a kinky private party totally bareback is nothing less than WWWWOOOOWWWW. Get ready for another T-Lesbian classic coming up only with bondie superstars!

26th Mar 2023

25:56 HD Video
& 151 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

The New Look Eva!

I can't keep up with Eva Borisova, each time she returns it's a completely different look! She's one of the more popular models we feature here, and it's a combination of her good looks, her banging body with great boobs, nice legs, super nipples (bright pink against her milk-white skin), and her smooth cock and balls, which has no problem getting rock hard AND her clear sex appeal, that makes her a winner. Enjoy this solo set of this sexy girl.

24th Mar 2023

17:21 HD Video
& 125 Photos

    Rating: 4.71

Valkyria Sex Machine!

Just like any domestic appliance, you bring Valkyria out for a specific purpose - and after she's done her household duties, then it's time for her reward. And Valkyria likes nothing better than switching on her willing asshole and having it suck up anything in site ... and it's just as well she's got a dildo handy! After toying her asshole, she's super turned on and her foreskin rides back over the head of her penis, the purple monster looking like it's about to explode as she shows off her long body, big boobs and sexy looks to all.

23rd Mar 2023

17:32 HD Video
& 118 Photos

    Rating: 4.56

Ready To Play!

Mercedez Bendz is ready to play. This BBW model has a very cute face and takes her time to present herself at her best. Perfect makeup, hair and fingernails. Her body was smooth, and lotioned, soft and silky. She's never happier than when the camera is on her and she's spreading her legs or showing that giant ass, the two cheeks apart and she has her 'come fuck me' face on. Another hot scene by this BBW beauty.

22nd Mar 2023

15:59 HD Video
& 103 Photos

    Rating: 4.43

The Lady In Red!

There is a lot to be said about the colour red and sex. Red lights of course and the scarlet woman are both symbols of prostitution or promiscuity, red also means stop - or danger! But Jasmine just loves how she looks in the color. Red pantyhose showcasing her long legs, and when ripped at the crotch, showing a butt plug firmly in her ass, and her smooth cock and balls free. She lubes up a dildo and plays with it in her tight asshole, getting more excited at the thought of all the people watching, and enjoying her.

21st Mar 2023

17:42 HD Video
& 119 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Cloudy Vi & Soldier Boi!

Sexy New Orleans cutie Cloudy Vi arrives today - to make her hardcore debut! We are excited and we just can't wait to see this horny doll getting her tight ass fucked! Soldier Boi is right here to give Cloudy what she needs! Watch them fucking and enjoying every moment of it in this week's hot HC exclusive brought to you by Omar Wax!

20th Mar 2023

25:13 HD Video
& 223 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

Kourtney Steel & Epic!

Kourtney Steel arrives in TGirl Pornstar HQ in this week's hardcore exclusive and she's eager to get that sexy ass of hers fucked hard! Here comes Chris Epic ready to give her exactly what she needs! Kourtney gives Epic a nice blowjob and then she lets him fuck her hard in various positions! Enjoy this HC scene brought to you by Radius Dark!

19th Mar 2023

23:17 HD Video
& 164 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

My Personal Favourite

Alexandra Ramovich out of all the stunning Russian trans girls we feature, I believe is my personal favourite model. I'm always a sucker for a good smile, and she has one of the best - it's warm but it's also sexy and with that super pretty face, big lips, adorable eyes and her overall sex appeal, every set she does for us, makes me want more. Her cock is pretty much perfect, her ass is certainly perfect and her overall presence and sexual energy speaks volumes. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

17th Mar 2023

17:30 HD Video
& 122 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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